Benefits of Real Bread

It’s nature’s way of keeping our body healthy

When we let nature works naturally wonderful things happen, nutrients and carbohydrates are broken down, making easier for us to digest and restore the functioning of the digestive tract.

There are many researches and articles that showed the benefits of consuming sourdough or natural leaven bread. However there is one research paper published in Cambridge Journal that clearly points out the benefit. Link here, or  visit our bakery to read the actual journal, if you are one of those who love to go through the scientific jargon.

The research was done by Prof Dr. Terry Graham, chair of the dept of Human Health and Nutritional Science in an extensive research funded by Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, on 10 overweight men.

“With the sourdough bread, the subjects’ blood sugar levels were lower, with a similar rise in blood insulin,” Graham says. “What was even more interesting was that this positive effect remained during their second meal and lasted even hours after.”

And subjects did not have to eat additional bread at the later meal for the benefits to persist.

“Athletes might recognize this as muscle memory,” he explains. “After learning how to run downhill and doing it over and over, using muscles as brakes, you diminish or eliminate the muscle pain afterwards. Likewise, when the gut encounters food, it releases incretins: hormones which tell the pancreas, which produces insulin, ‘Look out, here it comes!’

“That the marked difference in blood sugar and insulin levels persisted beyond the second meal suggests that eating healthfully is partially conditioning the gut to emit healthy responses. This suggests that the gut has a memory and can be trained. Small wonder, then, that the gut should sometimes be called ‘the little brain.’”

Wonderful isn’t it? Wonders happen when we don’t interfere with nature, and even more wonderful things happen when we are part of it.

So start your day with sourdough bread every day.



Yin san, ohayo gozaimas. Your bread was absolutely delicious! Would love to order from you again. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Miho Yoshiyama



Loved the bread you sent….lovely taste and wholesome…..excellent!
Will pop in to see you in the shop when I am next in BP!!! Thank you very much!

Gerard Theraviam

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