Why Yin’s Sourdough?

It is Real Bread

At Yin’s Sourdough Bakery, we promise you will be eating REAL BREAD. We sign the Real Bread campaign pledge which defines Real Bread as made without the use of any artificial additive (as defined by The Miscellaneous Food Additives Regulations 1995, UK) or processing aid (as defined by The Food Labelling Regulations 1996, UK) of any kind. This rule includes any additives listed in a flour (including but not limited to ascorbic acid and added amylase). More information is available at http://www.sustainweb.org/realbread/

It is Slow

It takes 2 days to bake our bread as compared to other commercial bread which takes 1-2hours. In the 2 days, wild yeast and lactobacilli bacteria (the same bacteria found in yogurt) work in symbiosis to ferment the dough and make the bread rise.

The youtube lapse video below is taken by us over 12hours, where you can see the lactobacilli and wild yeast rises in symbiosis after it is feed with unbleached flour and filtered water.



It’s Ethical and Natural

True sourdough bread contains NO commercial yeasts or additives. Adding commercial yeast will overpower the sourdough culture and ruins the health benefits of the bread. We respect life and the natural process of making bread.

It’s Loaded with Health Benefits

It’s nature’s way of keeping our body healthy

When we let nature works naturally, wonderful things happen, nutrients and carbohydrates are broken down by our sourdough starter, making it easier for us to digest and restore the function of our digestive tract.

There are many researches and articles that showed the benefits of consuming sourdough or natural leaven bread. However there is one research paper published in Cambridge Journal that clearly points out the benefit. For you who is able understand all the scientific journal, you can check out the article by clicking on the journal title below.

‘The acute impact of ingestion of breads of varying composition on blood glucose, insulin and incretins following first and second meals’

For easier summary of the journal, you can go to the baker’s journal by clicking here.

A short summary of the article in the Baker’s Journal is as below.

The research was done by Prof Dr. Terry Graham, chair of the dept of Human Health and Nutritional Science in an extensive research funded by Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, on 10 overweight men.

“With the sourdough bread, the subjects’ blood sugar levels were lower, with a similar rise in blood insulin,” Graham says. “What was even more interesting was that this positive effect remained during their second meal and lasted even hours after.”

And subjects did not have to eat additional bread at the later meal for the benefits to persist.

“Athletes might recognize this as muscle memory,” he explains. “After learning how to run downhill and doing it over and over, using muscles as brakes, you diminish or eliminate the muscle pain afterwards. Likewise, when the gut encounters food, it releases incretins: hormones which tell the pancreas, which produces insulin, ‘Look out, here it comes!’

“That the marked difference in blood sugar and insulin levels persisted beyond the second meal suggests that eating healthfully is partially conditioning the gut to emit healthy responses. This suggests that the gut has a memory and can be trained. Small wonder, then, that the gut should sometimes be called ‘the little brain.’”

Wonderful isn’t it? Wonders happen when we don’t interfere with nature, and even more wonderful things happen when we are a part of it.

So start your day with sourdough bread every day.

Below, we are also providing links to the many different write up by different people and organization on the benefits of consuming natural leaven or sourdough bread.

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