Start your day with Sourdough Bread!

We specialize in making all kinds sourdough breads and buns. All our breads and buns go through natural long fermentations. We do not use commercial yeast in any of our breads or buns. We raised our own sourdough culture to naturally ferment all our breads and buns. This sourdough culture is a living and breathing organism that follow a strict regime of feedings.

The flour we used are either unbleached flour or whole wheat flour. This is clearly stated in our bread’s ingredients. We do NOT add any additives, improver, softener, preservatives or chemical in the process of making our bread. All we use are unbleached flour, filtered water, pinch of salt and a few drips of sunflower oil.

When you start eating Yin’s Sourdough Breads and Buns, you might find them tasting a little different from the bread you have been eating all your life. It is because you are now eating REAL BREAD. The bread is without any chemical additives.

All our bread and buns are made to order. You can place your order through this website by adding the bread to your cart, choose the dates you want it to be delivered and the pickup point most convenient to you. It is explain in greater detail in the Pick Point page. By using this made to order concept, it helps us to keep our cost down and deliver sourdough bread to you at the lowest cost possible.

There are many HEALTH BENEFITS in consuming sourdough breads. This is explain in greater details in Why Yin’s Sourdough section. We recommend that you start each day by taking at least 2 slices of our Sourdough bread.

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